Photo by Jen Huang Photography

Here’s a good article written by Trisha Berendt  on DexKnows Weddings about renting photobooths. I just have a few things to add or change:

  • At the very beginning Trisha advises you to check dates with booth owners 3 months ahead… while this might be enough for some dates, it’s not enough for all dates. If you had trouble finding a venue for your reception at 12 months ahead of time you have a popular wedding date… and you should be looking for a photo booth 6 to 9 months before your wedding. Or you can wait, and either rent from the most expensive option, or the guy who isn’t getting booked because of his bad reputation for poor service and low quality.
  • In step 3 she wants yo to use the booth yourself which will encourage others to get in on the fun… she’s absolutely right! Use the booth early and often… bride and groom, each of you with friends, family, the photo booth operator, wait-staff, get everybody in on the fun.
  • And in the end she gives tips that I highly recommend myself. Keep the booth until the end of your reception, and have the DJ or band announce the booth all night, especially if they see it not being used.

Read the whole article right here