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dwolla logoTired of expensive payment processing plans invented by credit card companies solely to make money, rather than moving money?.  For anybody who makes or takes online payments, whether it’s through PayPal or a merchant credit card processor:

I’ve come across a payment system that bypasses the huge fees associated with credit card processing or the evil that is PayPal. It’s called dwolla. They only charge 25 cents per transaction because it runs through the ACH system like electronic checks instead of the credit card system. And it’s free on transaction less than $1.00.

And for a short time you can send them a text message and get back a dollar credited to your dwolla account (which means deposited directly into your bank account once you’re all set up). More details about the free money below:

I would love to get all client payments through this system, as it would save me from $25 – $60 per booking. Of, course I know that some customers are actually paying with credit cards, rather than debit cards or checks, which is where this system does not work. In the mean time I can still use my choice between Google Checkout, @Square or my most recent find, Intuit GoPayment to accept credit card payments.

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